God’s handsome helper

It took me two seconds to start feeling how truly lucky I am. And it all happens everytime I tell him my troubles and doubts. He is always there. To calmly listen until I finish my long dreadful discourse. He will wait, and wait. With his careful ears and super sharp mind, he can twist my horrible mood from feeling like a jerk to a point like he said that ‘I have my rights to stand on what I wholeheartedly believe in.’ And let me tell you that very often happens, his single sentence works like magic. He rescued me from a malaise, only reassures me that he is my God’s handsome helper. Helps me to regain my strength when I feel betrayed, when cold and cruel rejections coming insistently. And being the one who can share my worries without letting them become our master. When he is around, I can always be myself. I can look like a princess and he spoilt me. On other days, I can be so misrable yet he said that “I only can love you more”.