I’m a superhero!

Taking my eldest child to her kindy on Tuesday is so much fun now as I can also bring along my youngest. For the very first time, Aqila is joining a 3 hour playgroup session. She was abit of a shy at the begining. It is rather slow with Aqila to finally set the tune to be socialized, as she refused to smile, always seek for both my assistance and presence. But I discovered that a costume play after a recess can boost her confidence very significantly. She picked a pink-superhero-robe. With an S marked at the back, I presume this is the costume for female Superman and in this case, for Superwoman 🙂

As cheeky as she might be, Aqila turns into a more cheerful kid. She ran with her new friends and pretending to help others whilst running around the not so big play room. She even laughed at her friends and commenting the red hat that she dislike. Aqila loves the pink tiara too much, and said a red hat is such a dull!

We spent more than 3 hours. From reading books to singing, playing outdoor and indoor, fixing puzzles, 10 minutes lunch break with homemade jelly and shared food like popcorn, and we finished up with yawning and of course singing 🙂 My child didn’t seem to be interested that much with singing English playsongs. It is actually a rather alienating as I can fully understand. Her focus was overwhelmingly on a small white board that can be easily erased and she started to fancy writing (by this I mean making fuzzy lines!).

I also made new friends. A lady from Libya who brought 2 children, another one from China with her boy, a mum from the Philippines who bear 2 toddlers, and a local Australian with 3yo girl and a baby girl named Ella.