Tires time


Our Saturday morning was all about getting new tires for our lovely car. It follows a mechanic’s note made on the latest routine inspection, with a strong notice that we need to replace all four immediately.

Surely, we don’t want anything bad to happen and decided to do the shopping on this weekend. Well, the issue with shopping with me is that I love looking around, obtaining different quotes from various suppliers. My habit often putting my husband’s patience to the test!

Our first stop was Kmart tires and service center at Cannington. A team member, a male with lots of tattoos on his both right and left hands, came out of the office and suggested the price getting 4 new tires plus alignment service is $375. Uniquely, he never showed us his smile nor giving any enthusiastic gesture. And while I was discussing with hubby the amount of money required to do the service there, a female customer who drives a Subaru approached him and requested a service for her car. The respond was more like a gobsmacking to me, as after a couple of sentences the male worker was saying “f**k it”. I caught the words he was saying right after the lady raised her concern over the time required to get the service done. It was said it will take up to 1 hour, but the customer said she only have 30 minutes maximum.

To my personal standards, I simply cannot afford an idea to do business with rude people, let alone in the position where I have alternative options available. I said this to my husband and decided that we will find another place to replace tires. Thus, we went to Tyrepower, which is located not too far from the first center. We met Dan, the store manager, who served our queries a lot more friendly. He gave the same quote, $375, but his tone was much more positive and courteous. But, as I said earlier, I am not yet taking any verdict without checking another store. And we went to Beaurepaires at East Victoria Park–be mindful that all of these shops are located on Albany Hwy.


At our third stop, the guy there gave us a quote of $459 but the tires are Goodyear brand as that is the only brand that they can offer. I know… big brands are often costly. And at this time, we prefer to go with the cheaper ones. So the verdict is set to go with Tyre Power, and it came as a surprise to us that we got a 10 dollar discount for replacing two front tires plus alignment included. We need to visit the store again sometime next week to change the rear tires once they are made available.